My Story

A heart-centered approach
to creativity.


Danielle is a creative director, fitness lover, and wellness advocate. She is passionate about optimizing brands and individuals to be their best selves. A life-long student and practitioner of yoga, she completed her teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra and her health coach certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Danielle previously founded white—space, a branding and digital design agency in Hong Kong, working with brands such as Club Monaco, Lululemon, Lane Crawford, Four Seasons and Chanel. She also established Creative City, a crowdsourced creative insider’s guide to Hong Kong, and devoted time to building the city’s creative community through design advocacy, teaching, speaking engagements, public exhibitions and conferences. She has judged international design competitions and her studio projects are published in design volumes. Now based in New York City, Danielle is an independent art director, as well as the creative director and co-founder of HALO Sport, a new hydration beverage for modern wellness warriors.

A personal health experience lead her on a new course towards wellness and redefining her purpose. She now aligns her creative work towards an integrated approach to mindful design and healthy living. 

As a creative consultant, Danielle offers brand advisory and visual design for purpose-lead organizations and businesses. Supporting this work is her belief that every human being is creative, and to produce meaningful and impactful work on the outside, individuals must protect their energies and nurture their health on the inside. As a health coach, she offers counseling for busy professionals and individuals to connect more deeply to themselves, and find healthy approaches to improve their wellbeing and enrich their creative spirit. 

Danielle holds degrees from Parsons School of Design and New School University. Born in Hong Kong, she is based in New York City.

My Vision

Eight years ago, it took two doctors several hours in an emergency operation to save the vision in my right eye. The news that I could have gone blind rattled in my head for the weeks and months of recovery that followed. The message I received was obvious, if not painfully ironic. I regularly worked with clients to help establish their brand visions and missions, yet the vision for my own life was in chaos. In fact, I was going to damage my ability to see permanently if I did not do something about it.

The body sends you signals. It tells you what it needs, but too often we tend to ignore them. Many of us stay safely at the surface, unwilling to dive in and afraid to look deeper. Instead we find something that distracts us from the truth about ourselves. My distraction was work. And I buried myself in it. Lots of it, until I could no longer ignore what my body was telling me, and had been trying to for some time.

We were a few weeks away from moving into a bigger office. My design business was thriving and we were having a great year. But inside I felt empty. During my recovery, I could do nothing but look at the reality of my situation. To heal the invisible stitches inside the retinal wall, I had to lay face-down for two weeks and keep my head still for up to eighteen hours a day. It was extremely challenging and without the distraction of work, I was forced to turn inward and look inside. My business was doing well but I wasn’t. I was living alone in an apartment I barely spent any time in. I rarely saw my family. I showed up exhausted, and often hungover at most of my morning meetings. My diet was poor, my sleeping was erratic, and I was physically inactive. I was nowhere near where I wanted to be in life. At 33, this was my wake-up call.

I spent those hours of recovery shifting between feelings of extreme helplessness and immense gratitude, mostly thinking about what I needed to learn from this. Since then, I have made some big changes. I closed my studio, sold and donated most of my things and reorganized my priorities. I moved to New York. I got my yoga teaching certification. I studied reiki and worked with different healers. I learned to be receptive, as Sri Dharma teaches. I opened my heart and eyes to many more meaningful experiences and relationships. Getting in touch with my Self allowed my vision — not just my eyesight — to become clearer.

Now this work is coming full circle, as I devote the next stage of my journey to supporting busy professionals who give everything to their work but have little energy left for themselves, so they can make better choices with their health and experience greater clarity, connection and creativity across all areas of their lives. This is my vision.

My Dedication

My work is dedicated to my dear friend, and longtime beloved homeopath Danny Murphy.

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